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Welcome, change-makers & thought leaders.

It’s great to have you here. I know you read that on all sorts of websites, and maybe it’s true sometimes, but I want to tell you that I really am delighted you’ve found your way here. It genuinely excites me to meet people making a difference in service of others and I get an even bigger kick iut if being able to help them in some way.

Now, I’m not here to tell you that you have some kind of pressing problem that I just happen to have the solution to, because I don’t actually think you have a problem.

What I think you have are opportunities.

You’ve been in your career long enough to be considered an expert in your field, you’ve mastered your craft and learned from experience. You’ve lived the lessons, tweaked your responses and are ready to pass on what you’ve learned.

And now you’re in demand. Of course your highest ideal is to serve those who are ready for your message. And you want to book every gig you’re offered because thats how you get to serve the most people.

But when do you have the time to create the materials you need? When do you have time to work out how best to facilitate what you want to teach, especially when each audience is quite different? Will you have to turn down these opportunities? How will you choose who misses out?

The question it’s time to ask yourself isn’t, “Who will I have to say no to?” But, “Who can help me say yes?”

And this is why I’m excited you’re here. Because I can help you say yes!

I have an outrageous

How can you benefit from using resources that resonate?

People know when something feels ‘off’, whether or not it’s explicitly felt, said or understood.

It’s not often someone from your audience would approach you after a seminar and tell you they loved hearing you speak, but didn’t get much out of your activity. But when you hit the mark and touch a chord with them in an activity that further develops the ideas you previously spoke about (and gives them actionable takeaways they can apply to their life), they will sing your praises – at your events, to their friends and on social media. This is how word of mouth marketing works. And the reason it does work?


When what you say is mirrored in the messages you impart and the methods by which you share them, there is resonance. The opposite is also true. If the materials you use to help teach about what you do miss the mark, people will be turned off. They may not understand why, and as a result, they’ll very rarely share the information with you (no mater how many feedback options you offer).

Dissonance is not just felt if you say one thing and do another – that’s an obvious rookie mistake and not one I feel you’d allow yourself to indulge in when you care about your ‘why’. An audience can feel dissonance with your message and how they can apply it to their own lives. If the jump from where they are now to where you are trying to get them is too far, they’ll leave your session feeling unfulfilled, or worse still, ripped off. And it’s not because you don’t have the answers. Far from it.

You have the answers – and all the knowledge to get from A to B – but your unconscious competence has taken you out of the Beginner’s Mindset. You have built a wealth of experience

Just cast your mind back to when you weren’t the expert in your field.

All sorts of imposter syndrome scenarios start to play out. Just remember to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Remember what it was like to be where they are, To feel what they feel. To have that ache in their heart for something more, for something ‘better than where they feel themselves to be now.

If you’re here I’m guessing you care more about the lives you change than the venue you speak in. It seems to me you believe it’s important for your supporting materials authentically explain your message and resonate deeply with each audience you interact with. Because we both know, that’s how real change is made.

Who needs resonant resources?

What are Resources with Resonance?

Who will create my resources?

Why is CC the most resonant resource creator?

Having worked as school teacher and learning support officer in the TAFE (Technical and Further Education) system, CC is not only familiar with but genuinely enjoys creating resources- especially those that engage learners in personal development and positive growth.

With years of one-on-one and group facilitation, program and material refinements, and an earlier major in psychology, CC is a veritable encyclopedia of tried and tested techniques suitable for a range of audiences. Currently studying for her TAE40116 Trainer and Assessor qualification, CC will soon be able to offer Australian government approved training programs and assessments.

Getting your message firmly into the hearts and minds of your ideal audience demands so much more than just arranging a speaking tour or publishing your book.